BNB Chain Weekly Ecosystem Report (Sep. 16th to Sep. 22nd)

by HAZEL HU · November 5, 2022

1. BNB Chain Key Data Highlight

2. Major Announcements

  • BNB Chain Advocates Program is announced, all the content creators who have a meaningful social media following and want to  help grow the adoption of Web3 and blockchain technology are welcomed to join this program
  • Verichains is chosen as a security partner to audit BSC major mainnet updates, this will begin with BEP-153, BEP-131 and BEP-126 for faster transactions & increased decentralization

3. Ecosystem Highlights

  • Learn and Earn with BNB Boost before campaign ends
  • Introducing AvengerDAO,leading security initiative protecting users on BNB Chain with 17 projects as our founding members
  • More ecosystem projects announced their special benefits for BAB token holders, including BurgerCitiesGameSpaceTrantorNAOS Finance, etc
  • Gameta x Nodereal partnership announced, where Gameta will bring more users to Web3, with the support from Nodereal
  • Trantor BNB Chain Ecosystem Carnival with 20,000 BUSD Prize Pool and  Exclusive rewards for BAB holders BNB domain name holders

Monthly Stars

Our monthly stars have made great progress this week.

4. Events

BNB Chain is at Mainnet this week! We also had  great Innovation Talks with StaderBNBRareboardDivision NetworkTiny WorldRing GamesLiveArtXGameta.

For the upcoming week we will have:

  • Hack Boston, Sept.23-25, Boston
  • Innovation Meetup Bogota, Sept.24, Bogota
  • Platzi Conf 2022, Sept.24, Bogota & Online
  • Innovation Meetup with NodeReal, Sept 28, Singapore
  • BNB Chain at SmartCon, Sept.28-29, New York
  • Innovation Meetup CDMX, Sept.30, Mexico City