BNB Chain Weekly Ecosystem Report (7 to 13 Oct)

by HAZEL HU · November 5, 2022

1. BNB Chain Key Data Highlight

2. Major Announcements

  • A comprehensive response on the events in the past week and the decisive actions of our broader community.
  • BNB Smart Chain node client with urgent fixes has been finalized, v1.1.16 is here
  • BNB Chain's Web3 European Innovation Incubator is live with $50k Prize,  complementary Auditing, expert tokenomics consultations, gas fee incentives and access to accelerators .

3. Ecosystem Highlights

  • BNB Chain Ecosystem Explorer campaign held alongside Helio Money
  • BNB Chain is teaming up with P12 and Quest3 to bring you a Web3 gaming carnival - P12 Arcana this October
  • Indian Community Diwali Fest campaign with a chance of winning up to $500 worth of rewards and SWAG
  • XDAO city quest begins
  • Monstera's roadmap updated
  • Stader Labs BNB staking results

Monthly Star Progress

We have our 8 project stars this month, they are: Stella Fantasyp12DracooWorldWombexQuest3XDAOBoba NetworkPyth Network.

4. Events

This week we had a side event in the Future Blockchain Summit as well as a few school tours in Imperial College London, Oxford University, Dartmouth College, Cornell University and Duke University. Our team is at EthLatam this week as well! Online, we have a bunch of innovation talks with XDAODracooWorldCoriteStella Fantasy, Alpaca FinanceWomWarsHorizon ProtocolGalaxyRareboardVenusDiario Cripto and Element. Quite a lot!

For the upcoming week we will have: