BNB Chain Weekly Ecosystem Report (24 to 30 June)

by ALVIN.BNB · November 5, 2022

It has been another exciting week as we announced major collaborations and campaigns to the community. Here is your BNB Chain Weekly Ecosystem Report:


Here's a summary for you to grasp the key ideas in question:

  • Weekly Transaction: 27.3M (+13.8%) | Weekly Active Users: 3.22M (+23.2%)
  • Leading crypto research house Messari published an analysis report on BNB Chain
  • Tiktok star Khaby Lame is now Binance's new brand ambassador
  • Minting is open to everyone on Binance NFT
  • The application window of MVB V will be closed next week on July 8th
  • An insight into the strengths and opportunities of the DeFi landScape on BNB Chain

1. BNB Chain Key Data Highlight

2. Ecosystem Update

Despite the market turmoil, the developer community always strives to enrich the BNB Chain landscape and share prosperity with the user community. Here are the significant updates and the exciting news that the Devs have brought us this week.

BNB Chain Project Stars Update

To learn more about our Project Stars, you can read and review articles and AMA sessions from this past week:

Project Stars campaign updates from this week:

Here are the testimonials from our Project Stars in June. Let's check out the insightful responses from them!

In depth comments on our Project Stars in June:

Messari published an analysis report on BNB Chain's growth

On June 30th, Messari, one of the most reputed research and publication houses in our industry with significant distribution power, wrote an in-depth report on BNB chain. Let's deep dive into the evolving dynamics of BNB Chain and its future prospects.

TikTok most-followed creator Khaby Lame is now Binance's new brand ambassador

Another superstar joins us! On June 30th, Binance announced that Khaby Lame, the most followed creator on TikTok, is now Binance's new brand ambassador. The partnership will focus on driving crypto education, launching an exclusive Khaby Lame NFT collection, debunking crypto and Web3 myths, growing the industry, and amplifying the ecosystem.

Minting is open to everyone on Binance NFT

Binance NFT opens up minting access to everyone. Users can now create their own NFT collection and mint NFTs on BNB Chain or Ethereum.

DeFi Landscape: Strengths and Opportunities on BNB Chain

Enjoy an overview of the current prospects of the DeFi landscape on BNB Chain. There is a focus on the gaps in the ecosystem and where the greatest opportunities lie for protocols.

Most Valuable Builder Accelerator Program (MVBV)

One week left to apply for BNB Chain's MVB V! Here are the reasons you should be excited about MVB V:

Join us and become one of the most valuable projects on BNB Chain!

SecondLive x BNBCHAIN Outfit NFT Mystery Box Campaign: 1500 BNB Chain NFT Mystery Box Giveaway

BNB Chain teams up SecondLive to launch its metaverse outfits in the SecondLive world. Users will get a chance to open the BNB Chain NFT Mystery Box by completing specific tasks. BNB Chain outfit collections, including tops, bottoms, and shoes are hidden and can be found by you. Please click here to find out more about the tasks and details of the campaign.

According to DappRadar, the unique active wallets of SecondLive have jumped by 86% during the week of 23 to 29 June, surpassing 36k.

Faraland x BNB Chain Learn & Earn Campaign in July

Faraland teams up with BNB Chain to launch the Learn & Earn Campaign in July. Please prepare to join the quest for a chance to win limited NFTs and $20,000 in BNB! To find out more about the campaign, please click here.

3. Major Community Updates

As a community-driven ecosystem, we value our community members. We share local insights and trends, organize online events, and more. Here are the events we have done this week. To know more about upcoming events, please follow our Twitter and Telegram.