BNB Chain Weekly Ecosystem Report (19 to 25 Aug)

by DARDANIA.BNB · November 5, 2022

Here is your BNB Chain Weekly Ecosystem Report summarizing the recent progress of our community and devs:


Here's a summary for you to grasp the key ideas in question:

  • Weekly Transaction: 19.0M | Weekly Active Users: 2.71M
  • BNB Beacon Chain Godel Upgrade is released
  • BNB Smart Chain v1.1.12 Performance Release
  • Fireside Chat with 8 Project Stars in August
  • Registration Closed for Web3 Stars accelerator in Vietnam
  • BNB Chain Liquid Staking Campaign Keeps Going
  • BNBCHAIN x iSafePal HardWare Wallet Giveaway
  • AfterParty for All LiveArtXGlobal100 Artists

1. BNB Chain Key Data Highlight

2. Ecosystem Update

Despite the market turmoil, the developer community always strives to enrich the BNB Chain landscape and share prosperity with the user community. Here are the significant updates and the exciting news that the devs have brought us this week.

BNB Chain August Stars

Project Stars campaign updates from this week:

WAM: reaches record 43K DAU

Tangled: launch the app where spending time with others can be rewarded

Rareboard: 35,000 BNB @Rareboard Volume Milestone reached

Element: announcement on Element Publishing OG User Snapshot Address List

pStakeFinace: 16500+ BNB staked by 400 users

ApolloX: cumulative repurchase of APX token hits 1.55M

NodeReal: API Marketplace goes live

Gomu: NFT APIs covered 34 Contracts on BNB Chain with 118M NFTs indexed

To learn more about our Project Stars, you can listen to our twitter space with pStake, Tangled, Rareboard and NodeReal:

Fireside Chat with August Stars: 5 Essential Ingredients to Scale Your Web3 Dapp

BNB Beacon Chain Godel Upgrade

The BNB Beacon Chain Mainnet is expected to have a scheduled hard fork upgrade at block height 264,000,000. Based on the current block generation speed, the hard fork is forecasted to occur on 2nd Sep at 6:00 (UTC). The full node runners on Mainnet must switch their software version to v0.10.1 by 2nd Sep.

The upgrade will see DEX features removed from BNB Beacon Chain, with these features remaining active on BNB Smart Chain. This will allow for more computing power on BNB Beacon Chain to focus on security and boost future computing and governance focuses.

Learn about our Godel Upgrade here

BNB Smart Chain v1.1.12 Performance Release

The latest v1.1.12 is a performance release. Three features: Fast Node, Pruning AncientDB at Runtime, Merge Go-Ethereum V1.10.15 are introduced in this release. Read this for more details.

Registration Closed for Web3 Stars accelerator in Vietnam

The Vietnam Accelerator Program receives warm welcome. So far we've received 138 project applications. Meanwhile, our partners AWSCould, NodeReal, CyberConnect and CertiK are offering significant help to developers taking part in the Web3 Stars Accelerator in Vietnam.

Find out more about our Web3 Accelerator program

BNB Chain Liquid Staking Campaign Keeps Going

Within the two weeks of launch, 400 stakers have staked 16,544 BNB with pStakeFinance, which offers one of the most audited and well-integrated liquid staking solutions for BNB. Join the BNB stakers maximizing your capital efficiency.

pStake Partnered with FortaNetwork To Better Monitor stkBNB Product

Forta Network provides real-time security and operational monitoring to help detect critical threats and bugs with blockchain and Web3 protocols. Three Forta detection bots are now monitoring pStake's deposits, withdrawals, mints, burns, and more to protect the protocol's users.

All reported threats and bugs will be visible to everyone via Forta's dedicated pSTAKE dashboard.

Secure your BNB CHAIN assets with iSafePal

SafePal offers three types of decentralized wallet solutions that help crypto users manage, swap, trade, and secure their cryptocurrency assets. All three types of wallets can be interconnected with one another allowing users to explore the web3 world the way they like. Follow @BNBCHAIN & @iSafePal on twitter and like, retweet, comment. Users can get a  chance to win 1 of 5 SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet.

Read the blog to understand how to use SafePal Wallet with Binance Smart Chain BSC

Wombat IFO on PancakeSwap Scheduled End of This Month

After earning the most votes from the PancakeSwap community, Wombat is now officially the next project to launch on PancakeSwap. The event will be hosted with PancakeSwap on 30th Aug 2022. After the public offering's launch, 1.53% of the total token supply will circulate in the market with a market capitalization of $1.15M.

Find out how to join. To know more about Wombat please read our spotlight review.

Summer Tournament of The first FPS AAA blockchain game on BNBChain

Metastrike is the first FPS AAA blockchain game on BNBChain. The METASTRIKE SUMMER TOURNAMENT before Open Beta is published, live on BNBCHAIN. The registration will be open from Aug 22nd to Sep 4th.

Register now to be selected

AfterParty for All LiveArtXGlobal100 Artists

LiveArtX Global 100 is getting closer to the end. To celebrate with all successfully registered artists,  an afterParty supported by multiple cooperation partners: BNBChain, SecondLive, Melos Studio, NFTrade, and Rocki will be held. All registered artists have a chance to participate in the following AfterParty events and benefit from them.

Learn more about the details here.

3. Major Community Updates

As a community-driven ecosystem, we value our community members. We share local insights and trends, organize online events, and more. Here are the events we have done this week. To know more about upcoming events, please follow our Twitter and Telegram.