BNB Chain Weekly Ecosystem Report (15 to 21 July)

by HAZEL HU · November 5, 2022

Here is your BNB Chain Weekly Ecosystem Report summarizing the recent progress of our community and devs:


Here's a summary for you to grasp the key ideas in question:

  • Weekly Transaction: 24.5M  | Weekly Active Users: 3.01M
  • MVBV Incubation program participants official list is announced with 27 winners out of 650+ applicants
  • 8 Project Stars in July is out
  • BNB Chain Launched Official Reddit Page for community to share your views on all things Web3
  • Unleashing Music Mania on BNB Chain Campaign is live with Rocki and Melos Studio
  • Deep dive on Liquid Staking in BNB Chain ecosystem
  • PARSIQ launched its new flagship Tsunami API on BNB Smart Chain
  • WorldEmojiDay: Create Emoji Art on BNB Chain

1. BNB Chain Key Data Highlight

2. Ecosystem Update

Despite the market turmoil, the developer community always strives to enrich the BNB Chain landscape and share prosperity with the user community. Here are the significant updates and the exciting news that the devs have brought us this week.

BNB Chain Project Stars in July

BNB Chain Project Stars in July is out! They are: @OpenLeverage, @Biswap_Dex, @tinyworldgamefi, @SummonersArena, @RockiApp, @melos_studio, @parsiq_net, and @SpaceIDProtocol

Read the blog to know more about them. To learn more about our Project Stars, you can also read and review articles and AMA sessions from this past week:

Project Stars campaign updates from this week:

OpenLeveragexPancakeSwap: Lock $CAKE to Earn More

New Double Launch Pool in Biswap

Summoner's Arena Available on TofuNFT

Rocki Gives Away 4000 Free music NFT of Ashley Wallbridge

Melos joint music NFT campaign with BNBChain

Parsiq launched Tsunami API on BNB Smart Chain

SpaceID White List NFT Give Away

MVBV Incubation Program Participants Official List is Announced

After a lengthy process that saw 650+ applications, we finally announced the official list of MVBV Incubation Program Participants. 27 projects were chosen this season. They will access an array of growth opportunities with a dedicated 8-week program including mentorship, a tailored curriculum, workshops and much more from our ecosystem.

Read more about MVB V Incubation Program

BNB Chain Launched Official Reddit Page

BNBChain is now on Reddit. It's a place to share your views on all things Web3. Users can use this channel to post information, news, or questions relating to BNB Chain.  Whether you're there for the very latest info, insightful discussions or even the memes, you are very welcome.

Join our Reddit Channel today as an early member!

Music Mania on BNB Chain with Rocki and Melos Studio

To celebrate the amazing new juncture in the industry and the potential of music NFTs, the BNB Chain community is excited to announce 'Music Mania on BNB Chain,' a campaign with a $50,000 BUSD prize pool and 4,000 music NFTs.

The two partners of this campaign are Rocki and Melos. Rocki gives away 4000 free music NFT of renowned DJ & Producer @AshWallbridge, while Melos is joining up with BNB Chain in this campaign and also throwing a 2nd Anniversary party to celebrate MelosStudio and BNB birthday.

A choreographed series of activities has been constructed to welcome everyone into an exciting new phase for music. Users will be able to learn, create and own their very own music NFTs as a result of participation.

Unleashing Music Mania on BNB Chain

Liquid Staking on BNB Chain, Explained

Staked assets are usually locked on-chain to maintain the network. Liquid staking provides instant access to LS tokens that are equivalent in value to the stake in a 1:1 ratio. By providing liquidity on DEXs, users can receive additional tokens from DEXs and earn more yield. Ankr Staking, pStake & Stader shared their insights and solutions for liquid staking on BNB Chain.

BNB Chain Spotlight: pSTAKE

Deep dive on BNB Liquid Staking at Ankr Staking

Stader's Liquid Staking solution for BNB

Ankr Staking Bounty Program Live with BNB Chain

Ankr Staking Bug Bounty Program is now LIVE with BNBChain. $500K max bounty is provided for people who go hunt for bugs on Ankr's smart contracts and applications to earn rewards.

Read this for more details

Web3Auth's Auth0 Integration Lower Web3 Sign-In Friction

Private keys pose a usability challenge, and despite being around since the 70s, they've seen poor adoption. Web3Auth, our Project Star in June, provides innovative social authentication tools to create a non-custodial wallet that the user controls and is still user friendly, and users can now integrate those tools in your Auth0 tenant. It's a frictionless, secure, self-custodial way to onboard users into the web3 world.

BNB Chain Spotlight: Web3Auth

PARSIQ launched its new flagship Tsunami API on BNB Smart Chain

PARSIQ, a high speed data solutions powering the backends of dApps & protocols, has launched its new flagship Tsunami API on BNB Smart Chain (BSC). PARSIQ now enables platforms using the BSC blockchain to access all of its data instantly, providing immediate feedback and efficient building solutions, and allowing for important monitoring solutions.

With PARSIQ, the process is nearly instantaneous. Accessing the data for all of BSC's 19+ million blocks --- involving storage of over 24TB, with more than 3.1 billion TXs, over 9 billion calls and 10 billion events --- has never been as fast and efficient as it is with the Tsunami API.

PARSIQ's Tsunami API Launches on BSC

Venus Launched Youtube Channel and Introduced New Weekly Live Program

As part of its Ambassador Program, Venus Protocol announced the launch of its YouTube Channel and introduced its new weekly live program. BNB Chain head of community, Mariangel Gracia, became the first guest speaker and will share her story on July 22.

WorldEmojiDay: Create Emoji Art on BNB Chain

To celebrate World Emoji Day, we call on BNB Chain community to utilize your creative skills and submit Emoji Art to win 300 BUSD.

3. Major Community Updates

As a community-driven ecosystem, we value our community members. We share local insights and trends, organize online events, and more. Here are the events we have done this week. To know more about upcoming events, please follow our Twitter and Telegram.