BNB Chain Weekly Ecosystem Report (14 to 20 Oct)

by HAZEL HU · November 5, 2022

1. BNB Chain Key Data Highlight

2. Major Announcements

  • The BNBChain European Innovation Incubator is extending the deadline for applications until Oct. 30th

  • Like Lion, a korea-based programming education platform, will provide a specific BNB Chain developer curriculum

  • The list of Red Alarm tokens for Friday 14th October 2022 feature 10 fake tokens

3. Ecosystem Highlights

  • Nodereal has partnered with NFTrade to take #NFT to the next level
  • BNB Chain Ecosystem Explorer campaign, held alongside Helio Money is a huge success
  • A SPACE ID community-contributed project, led by Space Aurora Steven Lei -, is at your service
  • Hooked achieved 50000+ DAUs on the first day launch
  • WAM BNB Chain tournaments go live
  • The 2nd season of HackARThon by LiveArt is live

Monthly Star Progress

You can now check the progress of our monthly stars in Dappbay! And also don't forget to check out the AMA with our October Star Projects

4. Events

In the past week, we had innovation talks with Monsterra,XdaoPyth NetworkPlanetSandboxP12Dartmouth College Blockchain ClubVC partners of BNB Chain EU Innovation Incubator as well as our weekly podcast with BNB Chain experts. Besides, BNB Chain team was in DevConVietnam Blockchain SummitHackTX to meet our community IRL and make new friends.

For the upcoming week we will have: