BNB Chain Weekly Ecosystem Report (12 to 18 Aug)

by HAZEL HU · November 5, 2022

Here is your BNB Chain Weekly Ecosystem Report summarizing the recent progress of our community and devs:


Here's a summary for you to grasp the key ideas in question:

  • Weekly Transaction: 20.8M | Weekly Active Users: 2.92M
  • BNB Chain collaborates with Platzi to launch course on Web3 development
  • BNB Chain Reddit Campaign is live as BNB Chain's Reddit channel hits 10k members within just one month
  • BNB Chain Web3 Stars Accelerator Vietnam proposal submission deadline extended to August 26th
  • A summary of our Liquid Staking Campaign which reveals our users are increasingly opting to liquid stake on BNB Chain
  • BNB Chain features on a series of crypto podcasts talking about our ecosystem and investment

1. BNB Chain Key Data Highlight

2. Ecosystem Update

Despite the market turmoil, the developer community always strives to enrich the BNB Chain landscape and share prosperity with the user community. Here are the significant updates and the exciting news that the devs have brought us this week.

BNB Chain Project Stars in August Announced

We have our August Project Stars on board! They are:


To learn more about our Project Stars, you can read and review articles and AMA sessions from this past week:

BNB Chain Spotlight Review: pStake

BNB Chain AMA sessions with pStake: pStake AMA Campaign

BNB Chain AMA session with NodeReal

BNB Chain AMA session with ApolloX

BNB Chain Collaborates with Platzi to Launch Course on Web3.0 Development

BNB Chain has announced our partnership with Latin America based education platform Platzi which will launch a Web3.0 development course for the area. The course is aimed to provide Web3 access to 30,000 students by the end of this year. Besides course design, we will also launch a BNB Chain Developer Camp in Bogotá after Platzi's annual event Platzi Conf 2022 which will also be powered by BNB Chain.

BNB Chain Partners Platzi, the Largest Online Learning Community in Latin America

BNB Chain Reddit Campaign is Live

BNB Chain Reddit Channel has reached 10k members in less than a month. This week we began the BNB Chain Reddit Pioneer and Reddit Content Creator campaigns and both turned out to be extremely popular. Join our Reddit channel today to see what's happening there!

BNB Chain Web3 Stars Accelerator Vietnam Deadline Extended

To allow more time for teams to prepare their proposals to become a part of the accelerator, our Web3 Stars Accelerator will accept proposals until August 26th, participants now have an additional week to ensure BNB Chain support that will help their project realize growth potential and reach international audiences. The newly updated timeline is as follows.

pStake Prize Winners Announced

BNBChain x pStake AMA Campaign Winners

We are happy to announce the winners of our pStakeFinance AMA Campaign. This came after crafting the AMA Campaign together to educate users about liquid staking on pStake and offer them the opportunity to win exciting prizes.

DappBay's Red Alarm Feature Flags Further Potential Risks

BNB Chain has been working tirelessly to ensure a safer user experience in its ecosystem. With over 3,300 contracts scanned in just the last few weeks, DappBay's 'Red Alarm' is moving through a considerable number of projects to ensure that users are offered effective guidance. Users are now able to access the DappBay website and access 'Red Alarm' to look over more than 50 projects that have been underlined as harboring significant risk.

DappBay's Red Alarm Feature Flags Further Potential Risks

BNB-BNBx & SD-BUSD farms are LIVE on ApeSwap

As part of our liquid staking campaign, BNB-BNBx & SD-BUSD farms are LIVE on ApeSwap. $SD token is the native governance token for Stader protocol. Users can stake their LPs and earn ~62% APR on BNB-BNBx Jungle farm,~500% APR on SD-BUSD BANANA farm,  all of which are on top of ~34% staking APY on Stader.

Read this tweet for more information.

Staking on BNB Chain Summary

​​By utilizing our DuneAnalytics dashboard, users can easily get a view into the number of BNB our users are increasingly opting to liquid stake. With an array of product options from Stader, Ankr and pStakeFinance, our ecosystem is burgeoning with opportunity.

BNB Chain x SummonersArena: Welcome Gifts for New Players

SummonersArena, our July Star Project, has started its first partnership with BNB Chain: GATHERING OF THE GUARDIANS, which provides exclusive welcome gifts from BNB Chain and Summoners Arena for first-time players. New players can claim their reward from Aug 15 to Aug 31.

Please read this tweet for more information.

Rocki Song Competition Submission Deadline Extended

In order to be able to involve as many people as possible who are interested in the competition the Song Competition hosted by Rocki, BNBChain and Hitlab extends its submission deadline. Participants can now submit their song until Aug 31st.

Read this for more information.

Web3Go Partners with Nodereal and will better support BNB Sidechain

NodeReal is beyond excited to have teamed up with Web3Go, to empower the multi-chain data analytics & service through support for Blockchain API services, BNB Sidechain and Community. Currently Web3Go is developing for BNB side chains various data dashboards to reveal the value behind. NodeReal will accelerate and support this by providing the fundamental service infrastructure, joining Web3Go to offer great data services for BNB side chains.

Read this for more details.

3. Major Community Updates

As a community-driven ecosystem, we value our community members. We share local insights and trends, organize online events, and more. Here are the events we have done this week. To know more about upcoming events, please follow our Twitter and Telegram.