BNB Chain Weekly Ecosystem Report (1 to 7 July)

by DARDANIA.BNB · November 4, 2022

Every day, we try to make BNB Chain better. Here is your BNB Chain Weekly Ecosystem Report:

TL;DR Here’s a summary for you to grasp the key ideas in question:

  • Weekly Transaction: 24.5M(-10.26%) | Weekly Active Users: 3.01M(-6.52%) * BNB Chain developer discord members hits nearly 90K
  • MVB V Registration is closed with 600+ projects submitted
  • BNB Chain held a firechat with 8 Project Stars in June
  • BNB Chain is on Barron’s Online Podcast, Coindesk TV and Cointelegraph
  • Superfluid Protocol Live on BNB Chain
  • Slope Wallet Integrates BNB to Cross-chain Suite

1. BNB Chain Key Data Highlight


2. Ecosystem Update

Despite the market turmoil, the developer community always strives to enrich the BNB Chain landscape and share prosperity with the user community.

Here are the significant updates and the exciting news that the Devs have brought us this week. BNB Chain Project Stars Update


To learn more about our Project Stars, you can read and review articles and AMA sessions from this past week:

Project Stars campaign updates from this week:

Here are the testimonials from our Project Stars in June. Let’s check out the insightful responses from them!






BNB Chain Developer Discord Members Hits nearly 90K Our developer discord community has been growing in number continuously, and as of 6 July it hit nearly 90,000 members, double the number from two months ago. This is a testament to our determination to keep building even in a bear market, which will continue to be a source of our constant innovation.


If you’re a builder, click on this and join our discord today MVB V Registration Is Closed With 600+ Submissions Jul 8 is the final call of MVB V registration. Finally we have more than 600 submissions , brilliant! The list of projects to enter MVB V will be announced on July 14.


Mint Your First NFT on BNB Chain

BNB Chain wants to offer users a seamless experience in minting their own NFTs for whatever purpose they see fit. Here is a guide on it even if you’re a new hand in this world. Also there is an engaging piece on Cointelegraph acknowledging BNB Chain is "the perfect choice of blockchain because of its high transactions per second and low latency and fees."


A Guide to Minting Your Own NFTs on BNB Chain

Superfluid Protocol Live on BNB Chain

Superfluid Protocol, the popular payment streaming protocol went live on BNB Chain on June 29th, and has opened up a wealth of possibilities for prospective users. It is a composable, EVM-compatible smart contract framework that enables users to move digital assets on-chain every second.


Revolutionizing Payments Superfluid Protocol Live on BNB Chain

Slope Wallet Integrates BNB to Cross-chain Suite

The cross-chain wallet and web3 explorer has integrated BNB to its cross-chain suite recently.This integration brings the world of BNB to life on Slope Wallet. The push toward BNB will be inclusive of a BNB-native wallet, as well as offering access to top ecosystem protocols, including PancakeSwap, Venus, Alpaca, Thetan Arena, and Binance NFT. Slope will offer a fully robust list of BNB DApps in its BNB DApp Browser as well.


Slope Wallet Adds BNB to Its Cross-Chain Suite

BNB Chain On Barron’s Online Podcast

Gwendolyn Regina, Investment Director at BNB Chain, joined Barron’s Online Podcast on Jul 6th to discuss the looming prospect of a Crypto Winter, and what it could mean.


Crypto Winter: How Long Will it Last, What’s next?

Coindesk TV: BNB Chain's Efforts To Impact User Experience in Web3

BNB Chain is on Coindesk TV! Gwendolyn Regina discussed BNB Chain's efforts to impact sser experience in Web3. They discussed how hackathon events have changed over the last two decades, and how they will change moving forward.


Coindesk TV With Key Roles In Developing Web3 And Crypto Hackathons

Corite x BNB chain: Apply For Becoming A Spotlighted Artist

Corite has teamed up with BNB chain to spotlight talented artists all over the world. This is a unique opportunity to be positioned as an artist who operates in Web3 alongside known and rising brands. The artist will get a minimum of $1,000 guaranteed in advance from Corite when creating a fan campaign.


Read this for more information

BNB Chain Co-host GameFi Carnival With Top Projects

BNB Chain with Tokocrypto and 3 GameFi Projects, Binary X, Era 7, Thetan Arena held a GameFi Carnival with a total prize of $23,000.


Have Fun with Exciting Rewards in GameFi Carnival

ApeSwap: Jungle Bills added to Treasury Bills Offering

ApeSwap, the DeFi Hub on BNB Chain, has underlined its commitment to bringing innovation to the industry continuously. By combining NFT, DeFi and TradeFi, ApeSwap launched Jungle Bills recently to extend the ability to create sustainable liquidity out to its partner projects.


ApeSwap Treasury Bills: Marriage of NFT and DeFi

BNB Tokens Are Available for Exchange on Atomic Wallet

BNB tokens are available for exchange for over 100 assets on AtomicWallet now. Users can swap $BNB for $CAKE, $GMT, #BABYDOGE, and others on mobile and desktop and get cashback for it in the self-custody wallet of Atomic Wallet. Start to swap $BNB on Atomic Wallet now

3. Major Community Updates

As a community-driven ecosystem, we value our community members. We share local insights and trends, organize online events, and more.

Here are the events we have done this week. To know more about upcoming events, please follow our Twitter and Telegram.