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Block Process in Pipeline

by BNBChainDevs

The Nodereal_io team outlines the pipeline mechanism in its latest post covering #BSC performance Anatomy series.

BNB Chain Advocates Program

by BNB Chain

Are you looking for a way to help grow the adoption of #Web3 and #blockchain technology? Do you have a Twitter, YouTube, blog or other social channel you record your unique thoughts on and share with your followers? Then #BNBChain’s Advocates Program is calling YOU!

Introducing the BNB Chain Builder Grant

by BNB Chain

We are opening the doors from 1st - 7th of every month to innovative new projects who want to build on or migrate to #BNBChain Selected teams will receive $50k

BNB Chain Innovation Incubator

by BNB Chain

Our European Innovation Incubator will see us partner with a list of some of the biggest names in #Web3

Latest #Tokenomics trends in #DeFi and #GameFi.

by BNB Chain

Our research team explored the latest #Tokenomics trends in #DeFi and #GameFi.

DappBay Ranking Feature

by BNB Chain

Check out the #dApps with the highest users in the past week according to DappBay's all new Ranking feature

EU Founder Referral Program

by BNB Chain

We're looking for the best #Web3 founders in Europe! The #BNBChain European Innovation Incubator will see projects nurtured by a rockstar team of mentors & partners for 3 weeks. We're giving you a chance to have an impact through our latest European Referral Campaign

BNB Chain Growth Incentive

by BNB Chain

We've launched a $10 Million Gas Fee Incentive to support the growth of Web3 dApps

Parallel EVM implementation

by V

My pleasure working with the serious core dev team from @Nodereal_io on this Parallel EVM implementation of BSC node client. It is the first mainnet-ready parallel execution environment of BSC.

Sponsor for #SmartCon


We’re delighted to be a sponsor for #SmartCon 2022, hosted by #Chainlink! Join us in #NYC for an engaging week-long experience learning about the future of #Web3.