BNB Chain Kickstart to Help Developers Start Building


A set of critical development tools and grouped them into a starter pack called BNB Chain Kickstart

How to write your first smart contract in Solidity


A detailed guide on how to write a smart contract in Solidity.

Build a Block Explorer


Build a full stack block explorer for listing blockchain data of BSC

Sustainability of P2E model and Outlook of Blockchain Games


BSC talks with Animoca, Thetan Arena, Alien Worlds, and Avocado Guild

What role can NFT subscriptions play in cultivating brands?


What role can NFT subscriptions play in cultivating brands?

Introducing AvengerDAO: Leading Security Initiative Protecting Users on BNB Chain


We are officially unveiling AvengerDAO, a unique community-run security infrastructure project designed to protect users on BNB Chain from possible exploits, scams and malicious actors.

ZKRollup Phase 1: Scale BNB Chain into next level


Introduction to zkBNB and how it works. Hosts are Alvin, Director of Business Operations, BNB Chain. Guests are Arno, Solution Architect, BNB Chain Jimmy, Technology Solutions Director,Nodereal

Sponsor for #SmartCon


We’re delighted to be a sponsor for #SmartCon 2022, hosted by #Chainlink! Join us in #NYC for an engaging week-long experience learning about the future of #Web3.